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Thank you for your interest in the;
Mystic Healer!
My name is Stephen, they call me; Stephen-the-Healer

I tell you the truth, all that was and is : All the strange and supernatural things which happened, and still surround me. The miracles I have seen. I take away pain from man and animals and more. So many things I can do.



When I do a 'Healing' I am directing 'Energy Flow:' Or, 'Energy Frequency.'
Energy Flow to those areas of the body needing revitalization. Assisting the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

When I begin a 'session' it is like turning a key to start a car. It is my desire to help  both humans and animals which instigates the 'Energy Flow.' 

In 1993 I began a journey into the Supernatural which continues to this day. The 'gift' that I have was an awakening born from suffering. It began one day arriving home, my body became consumed with terrible pain. I then made a promise so this terrible pain would leave me, and it did, that same day. And so for four years I went on a journey to receive from the Universe that which I use today to help people and animals and all things.  There were  many strange and wonderful events, and then I was shown by a 'Tree' while walking in the forest that I could do this amazing thing I call 'Healing's.' I found that I can 'transmit' an energy force through telepathy in person and over the telephone.  My right hand emits heat, which people feel, even through layers of clothing. I never sought this, but yet it was given to me.

I will tell you this; The ocean touched my feet and they were not made wet, a little bird appeared under the heel of my foot. These are just a couple of the things that have happened to me. So, I do not know why or how, or who I am or why me or where I am to be. I did not ask for this 'gift.' Strange, isn't it?
You are invited to contact me and experience this wonderful healing power which works on both physical and emotional levels.

Because of the very many requests I now receive it is difficult for me to answer them all in a timely manner. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Also, I was giving these 'Healing's' freely. But now, because of the time being taken from my other daily activities I am requesting a contribution :
Please see the bottom of the page for more details regarding this.
And I woke in the middle of the night.
And I spoke the words, “The Healing Orb.”
And not wanting to forget, I got out of bed and wrote the words down.
And the next morning, not knowing the meaning of The word, “Orb” I looked it up in the dictionary.©
These Healing's and many others are done over the telephone:

And now, I found out that I do this even while I am eating or working at my computer. Reading a book, driving or some other thing. It flows from me like water in a river flowing. It is there forever, and will never leave me. It helps all it touches, and I have seen miracles.

  Dennis Banks posted on your timeline       Dennis Banks December 4 at 6:02pm   Steve the Healer, The Healing Orb, is doing a telephonic healing right now for Dawn, Skylar and Victoria. Skylar has not been feeling well and Steve's healings for all animals and humans make a huge difference. Skylar perked up dramatically after his last healing a few days ago. Thank you Steve the Healer!!!!

Skylar is not feeling well so Dawn is on the phone with Steve the Healer from The Healing Orb doing a 15 min telephonic healing. It really works!!! Contact The Healing Orb for anything needing healing

Edison NJ

HI Stephen,

Thank you so much for the healing yesterday on the phone. I felt better right away, as I always do when you do that for me, but even more, I am better today.

This morning when I woke up I was amazed that my sprained ankle was not swollen and hardly hurt at all till I walked on it. And even then, if I was careful it hurt so much less than expected! I have been icing it, and it is way better than I thought it would be today.

Additionally, my back always hurts when I get up in the morning, but this morning it did not. I wondered why, then remembered that you did 2 phone hearlngs for me yesterday. It is ( you are ) truly amazing and a real gift to those who are lucky enough to receive your healing. Thank you so much.

August 2011
Hi Stephen:  
In 2002 I was at the kitchen table having a beverage and all at once I couldn't breathe well. It felt like someone was squeezing all the air out of my chest and preventing my lungs from expanding. Later that night I learned that one of my lungs had collapsed from being pushed by a pocket of fluid that built up behind it. They fixed me up at the hospital and sent me home. They said they didn't know why this happened to me and left it at that.
I had a lot of troubles with my lungs over the next two years and was eventually diagnosed with COPD. The lungs deteriorated rapidly - so quickly that the doctors at the veteran’s hospital ran genetics tests trying to find why it was so fast. I did get very good medications and counseling but over the next few years my health ran down and so did my spirits.
Not being the victim type at all I just kept moving along. When they told me I couldn't work anymore - I went back to college on a grant and learned to work at a desk job. Sitting around wasn't an attractive idea to me at all.
But I felt awful a lot of the time. The worst thing of all was the sensation of drowning. My lungs will not decongest on their own power. The thicker fluids get trapped in the lower lungs and this is a drowning in a way. It sure feels like it too. Medication and exercises help but this doesn't get it done completely. In May of 2010 I had a viral infection in my lungs - it seemed like just a bad flu but I woke up in an intensive care room at the hospital and was told I had been in a coma for a week. Not the worst thing - I was alive and the virus was gone. I was also crippled - I couldn’t even stand up so I had to go to physical therapy and learn to walk all over again. They told me I would have to go home in a wheel chair and on oxygen and also use a breathing machine at night. That same week I started to meditate on the phone with Stephen. I had known Stephen for years and never knew that he had some ability to help people in my situation. After the first time we did a session, I felt better. It was rejuvenating. The next night, Stephen and I did another session and about an hour later, I decided that I felt like I could walk a little and I tried it and I was able to stand and walk about three steps. I just attributed this to the healing process. The treatment staff was all cautiously optimistic next day. I was able to stand and walk after a fashion, making it four steps. That evening with Stephen, my lungs started to decongest on their own steam. A part of the damages I had was that my lungs would no longer expel phlegm and debris that get in. So a lot of junk came up and was soon enough gone. I felt really good. I am a cynic by nature but of course I knew that Stephen was helping me.
with medicine or healing, yet that is the effect of it. It’s energy – a form of energy. I know that because I can feel it in my muscles and nerves and it is in waves.
Many times during sessions, all of the five main senses have been involved: taste, smell, sight, hearing and of course feeling.
John Gibbons,
             August 2011
Dear Stephen,   
Thank you for being so caring in the help you have provided to my cousin Richie in his greatest time of need,with your spiritual healing. My cousin was 55 years old with lung cancer ,brain tumor a stroke and spent the first two months of this year in a hospital mid Island who has a cancer center. He was left with little to no hope with his condition, he was brought home giving him as little as 2 days or so to live, as he failed the swallow test as they could not place a feeding tube in the proper location which gave him no chance of him eating or drinking. Due to your intervention from the start my cousin went from food in a blender for two months spoon feed to cut up food and drinking out of a straw. After three and half months he was eating McDonald hamburger and fries out of the wrapper feeding himself and drinking thick shake  from a big straw, he was even eating pizza, he was eating double amounts of food and drink. His speech was at first unknown one word to many clear words forming sentence. He was planning a trip to Canada to see friends making him happy. He was doing so well with your help of daily phone calls until Hospice came in to check on him to see how he was doing and them telling Richie they were from Hospice the look on his face hearing that word. For months we all gave him hope and a fighting chance he knew he was doing better as friends and family told him how well he has improved over the months. I believe it was a big part of Gods help and Stephens.   Six days after Hospice came to visit he was gone.                        
THANK YOU STEPHEN for improving his life for the 4 months he was home                                  CHRIS
And So, I was told this;
When I came into this world, I came into being with a unique frequency, different from any other human on earth.
I came with a parallel life. In other words, with two lives. One life was laying dormant until needed, it would only manifest if certain things occurred on earth. If such would happen, then I had agreed to make my other life available. 
When I transmit this frequency, which I do telepathically, I am infusing my energy with the Receivers energy. I am integrating my energy with theirs. Then adjustments are happening for the Receiver.  Blockages are being removed to allow greater space for the Receivers choice. Energy is like data (in-as-much like a computer storage system) so the longer we live, the more space is taken. I am facilitating the compression and removal of data which is no longer needed.  This allows the Receiver greater choice in their life. They can then make the best choices for themselves.
My energy fusion is bringing opportunity, removing unnecessary blocks of energy (data) and changing mental perceptions. The Receiver may sense a shift in their energy field.
I am working as a Transformer to assist the Receivers Transformation so they may have insight and think about things differently.
Disclaimer: Stephen known as; Stephen the Healer, inclusive of, but not limited to The Healing Orb, make no claims, promises or guarantees, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care
To Contact Me:
By phone, or in person if local to me.
This is why and how I am able to transmit this Healing Energy;

Custom SearchTUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2016Working with extraterrestrial healers

All over the world, it is claimed, highly-evolved extraterrestrials are assisting in miraculous human healings.

The ETs are positive in nature and work from other dimensions and parallel realities, in collaboration with Earth-based human healers.

In the past, orthodox religion has sometimes thought of these aliens as healing angels.

Adrian Dvir was a computer engineer, medium, healer and author based in Israel. He died on the 6th June 2004. In a previous incarnation, he had been an extraterrestrial.

Using advanced ET technology which he carried inside his body, Adrian had daily working contact with the healing aliens and knew them well. Clinics he ran are still in operation and are powered, spiritually, by the aliens.

There are hundreds of these alternative transdimensional clinics world-wide, including 469 in the USA, 50 in Israel and others in England, Denmark and Australia. The aliens take the initiative in setting the clinics up.

The alien healers treat humans only if the patients give their full consent. No abductions take place.

Patients feel strange sensations during the healing treatments such as itching, heat or cold, and sensations of an increase or decrease in gravity. During treatment, some patients see and communicate with the extraterrestrial medical teams working with them.

The aliens which work in the medical teams are mostly humanoid in body form, come from a number of different planets and star systems, and vary from 0.5 metres to 4.0 metres in height. More details about the healing aliens can be found here.

Various advanced medical techniques, as yet unknown to orthodox medicine here on Earth, are used by the aliens. One involves removing stem cells from a patient, treating the removed cells so that they become younger, and then reintroducing the rejuvenated stem cells into the diseased organ of the patient. Over a period of months, these younger cells replace the old and diseased cells in the organ and the person is healed.

A video of Adrian Dvir explaining his work and how he came to be contacted by the healing aliens can be watched here.

And a further video of Adrian explaining how his apartment in Rishon le Zion, Israel, was interpenetrated at another dimension by an extraterrestrial hospital, can be viewed here.

An excerpt of one of Adrian Dvir's books can be read here. In this passage, an alien is speaking about the ET involvement with humans on Earth and the work which they are doing invisibly among us.

The method of communication which Adrian Dvir and his colleagues use to talk to the extraterrestrial healers is a sort of technologically enhanced telepathy. Adrian gives more information about this here.

Other members of Adrian's original team still working with extraterrestrial healers in Israel areHagai KatzMiri EstOr HesedAsnat Gefen-Grizer,Chaya LevyUri GalShula IsraeliTovi Be'ery andTami Kaly.

Adrian Dvir was also a transdimensional, telepathic artist. Some of his ET-inspired art can be viewed here.

Adrian Dvir's main website is here. Contact emails and telephone numbers are given on several of the pages.



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